Online journals: week 12

Our mother/daughter team recounts their twelfth week of the makeover process


Samantha's Week 12 Journal

This week was full of relaxation! I spent most of the week down the shore in Wildwood with one of my friends and it was so much fun! We kicked back and relaxed on the beach, which was nice and much needed. On Saturday we went to the Mets vs Braves game that we won tickets to from the Ethos Fitness & Spa St. Jude's fundraiser last month. It was a great game even though the Mets didn't win. On Monday I met with Molly at Ethos for our hour session. My workouts have been getting increasingly more difficult, and I am definitely feeling the burn more and more. I've been doing so much better working on watching what I am eating also. Stephanie, our nutritionist, had told me that it takes 21 consecutive days of doing something in order for it to be come an actual habit and not so much of a struggle. Right now I am working on positive thoughts every day and having a salad every day, so far I am on day seven. If you miss even one day then you have to restart your count all over again. I am very proud of myself for cracking down because it is really difficult, but I already see how great it feels for both my mind and my body. On Tuesday I worked out and also had an appointment with Natasha at Ethos. She has been working on reshaping my eyebrows and the results are already showing! Next week is very exciting because we have our first appointment at Araya Rebirth! We cannot wait to meet everyone there and find out what they have in mind for us in terms of hair style. I know it will be a great week!


Janet's Week 12 Journal

Another great week with Elena, my trainer at Ethos Fitness & Spa. She has increased the challenge of the workouts and although tough at times, it feels great. My love handles are slowly shrinking. I would love the results to be greater but I know everything takes time; they didn't happen overnight. I've increased the time I'm spending at the gym so I'm hoping to see increased results. I also had a follow-up with Dr. Song at Omni Health Professionals. He was checking on the progress of my chin and cheek procedures. He is pleased with the outcome and he said it's only going to improve over time. It's amazing how people look at you twice and say, ''You're looking great." It's such a great feeling. I've never had any positive attention like this before. We also had the pleasure of attending a Mets game this week. Ethos had a fundraiser for St Jude's and we won the tickets through a silent auction. That was such a nice night out, and the seats were great. I have always been a Mets and Giants fan through thick and thin and it's always nice to see a game—win or lose. Of course when they win, the stadium rocks and the feeling inside you is priceless. I'm looking forward to more of those priceless moments as we journey through this makeover process.

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