Online journals: week 13

Our mother/daughter team recounts their thirteenth week of the makeover process


Samantha's Week 13 Journal

What a great week! On Monday I met with Molly at Ethos Fitness & Spa for our training session. Tuesday was our first meeting with Daniela at Araya Rebirth. We talked about our makeup and found which options worked best for us. Daniela was so nice and we cannot wait to go back in few weeks for a trial before our photo shoot!

Wednesday, I worked out at Ethos on my own. I met with Molly on Thursday and Friday for training sessions. I have been feeling very discouraged because I haven't been loosing weight. It is so frustrating because I feel like I've lost 10 lbs, but I haven't. I've been eating well and working out, but the scale has not been agreeing with how I feel. I expressed my feelings to Molly, and on Thursday she decided that we should use the original scale I was weighed on (I've been using the regular scale in Ethos locker room). This scale takes into account body fat and actually shows the percentage. On day one when I met Molly, we set a goal that I would lower my body fat percentage from 37% to 29%. When I stepped on the scale I was nervous and then still discouraged when the weight showed so little weight loss but then when I realized the body fat percentage, I was so excited! I had decreased my body fat to 30%!!!!! I lost 7% body fat which Molly calculated was 11lbs! The reason I haven't been losing weight according to the basic scale is because I've been training and building muscle in the process. I also lost 3 inches around my waist and hips!

Friday I had an appointment withDr. Song at Omni Health Professionals also. Dr.Song performed a procedure that removed the older layer of skin from my arms to try and help with the bumps, and he also performed laser hair removal on my underarms. I am very excited because my hair is so dark, and shaving everyday leaves my skin sore and I know that this will reduce the hair which will reduce the times a week I need to shave and help my skin feel better. I have another appointment with him in 2 weeks for my third treatment of laser hair removal on my arms, the hair is already getting lighter and I can see the difference! On to another great week!


Janet's Week 13 Journal

This week was a very busy week with appointments. We met at Daniela at Araya Rebirth for our makeup consultation and that was exciting. It's nice to see what colors another person would select for you to enhance your cosmetic appeal. Since I was very open to suggestions and THANKS to Dr. Song they will have a fresh canvas to work with. I can't wait to see the end result.

I also had the pleasure of seeing Dr. Bucher at Laser Dentistry of North Jersey this week. He crowned a tooth which had a few fillings in it. It's amazing how it was done in the office without the usual 2 to 3-week lag time while a crown gets processed at an outside lab. He has the technology in his office to get it done right away. His office technology is amazing, I have never seen anything like it. It's so impressive.

 I don't want to forget Elena at Ethos Fitness & Spa. We meet 3 times a week for my training and the other 2 to 3 days, I follow the program she has designed for me. The saying "Good things come to those who wait" is so true. I'm waiting for the results of working out and although they are slowly coming along I can see the difference, feel the difference and others comment on the changes. I know that it will take time for lumps and bumps to work themselves out, but I truly enjoy working hard on reducing them. I think that once my thyroid starts working again the changes will come quicker, I never knew the impact it must have had on my entire system. I have also been using the tips Stephanie our nutritionist has suggested. I'm not a big eater. I can go the entire day without eating and it wouldn't bother me, but she explained that the body will store everything it gets it you don't feed it often, so I am eating small meals several times a day. Sometimes it's just a hand full of nuts or a few apple slices but it does make a difference in how you feel and your workout energy. This entire experience so far has been amazing. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who is working with us—they will never be forgotten.

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