Online journals: week 14

Our mother/daughter team recounts their fourteenth week of the makeover process


Samantha's Week 14 Journal

This week was fantastic! I started off the week with my appointment with Dr. Bucher at Laser Dentistry of North Jersey. The office is always so pleasant to visit. Dr. Bucher has definitely changed my opinion of going to the dentist! In the past it was something I would dread and now I love going! My appointment was for placement of my dental bridge. I've had a baby tooth that never had another tooth grow under it and it was definitely time to address it. Dr. Bucher does such amazing work, I didn't have any pain (and the numbing was even faster than usual thanks to the brand new method available in their office!) and now I have a beautiful bridge in place. You would honestly never know that it wasn't naturally there (unless I told you!). I am so thrilled with how great it looks! If you are looking for a dentist I would highly recommend Dr.Bucher. I promise you will not be disappointed!!!

On Monday and Friday I met with Molly for our training sessions at Ethos Fitness & Spa. Every week we have been increasing the intensity and I can feel how much stronger I am. I never realized how important strength-training was but now I can feel why it is so important. In the past, I have focused on cardio workouts but now that I am doing both cardio and strength-training, I can feel what a huge difference doing both makes. Working with Molly has been so incredible! She is extremely knowledgeable on how to work out properly and knows so much about how the body functions. We have great conversations about how the workout is affecting specific areas of my body, and it is great for both of us because my biology background helps me to understand in better detail. I feel much more confident in my form and movements when working out thanks to Molly! Next week I begin my senior year at Ramapo College and could not be more excited!


Janet's Week 14 Journal

Another great week at Ethos Fitness & Spa. It's such a great feeling when you walk through the door and get a nice "HELLO." Debra is always like a ray of sunshine. There are days I'm exhausted from a busy day at work and her smile and greeting re-energizes me. Thank you, Debra, for being a wonderful you. Then I have the pleasure of working with Elena. As my trainer she gets right down to business and gets muscles I didn't know I had working. We enjoy great conversations while I'm stretching bending, lifting, rowing, etc. It's so nice to be able to work out hard and really enjoy it. I never knew I could do it.

Mid-week I had the pleasure of seeing Dr. Bucher at Laser Dentistry of North Jersey. His office is absolutely amazing. He has been doing some dental work that will keep my pearly whites healthy for a long time. A visit to the dentist has always been stressful for me but going to him leaves the stress at the door. You can sit in his chair and be confident you're receiving the best care available today. I'm working hard at trying to eat small healthy meals, and it's paying off. I have lost 10lbs so far. I would love it to be more but I know there are muscles in the making and that helps with building a long-term healthy relationship with your body. It's a lifestyle change, which I'm getting use to. My extra weight has been gained because I don't eat and my body stored everything it was given and now it's being retrained to use the food it's given, and it's making a big difference with my level of energy. It's the beginning of a new chapter in life. I think I'm going to look into getting a bicycle and get back into riding, I now have the energy and willpower to go riding. This entire journey so far has been absolutely amazing. I want to THANK everyone involved….they are creating memories that will last a lifetime.

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