Online Journals:week 10

Our mother/daughter team recounts their tenth week of the makeover process

Samantha's Week 10 Journal

This week was awesome! After such a great weekend I was recharged and ready to take on the week. Monday was my Grandma's 86th birthday so my family took her out for dinner. On Tuesday I worked out at Ethos Fitness & Spa by myself. Wednesday and Thursday I met with Molly at Ethos. I definitely felt the burn this week and have been sore, but it is such a good sore! Working out in itself is great but after working out with Molly, I always feel so fit and healthy! I want to give her a huge CONGRATULATIONS for becoming a certified strength & conditioning coach through The National Strength and Conditioning Association this week!! She worked so hard for it and I am very proud of her!

Wednesday after meeting with Molly, I had an appointment with Dr. Bucher at Laser Dentistry of North Jersey to start preparing for my bridge placement. I have to say that I was very nervous because going to the dentist for more than a regular cleaning is really scary for me, but thanks to Dr.Bucher I had a great experience and may actually be over my fear of going to the dentist! The procedure did not hurt at all, I barely even felt when he put the needle in to numb my mouth. I have an appointment in three weeks to have the actual bridge placed, and I know it is going to look great! Next week is my last week working at Valley Hospital for the summer and I am going to miss it so much! This summer has been an incredible experience and I hope to be able to continue working at Valley Hospital as a nurse next year after I graduate. All of the people I work with are amazing and have helped me in so many ways to be more confident in my skills and in myself. I love helping others and this is the perfect way for me to fulfill my passion. Well I am looking forward to a great weekend down the shore with my family (my aunt and uncle are visiting from Ohio) and I know next week will be another incredible week!

Janet's Week 10 Journal

Another great week at Ethos. Elena is slowly increasing the challenge and it feels great. I had a follow up visit with Dr. Song which went great. We discussed a few options and going forward with them next Wednesday. I feel like the frog that was transformed into a princess. That happened with the wave of a wand and my transformation is progressive and owed to Ethos Fitness & Spa, Dr. Song and Dr. Bucher. They are amazing to deal with. They are creating a new me…..I'm starting to like what I see in the mirror. I never imagined I would like me again.

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