Puppy love: Tucker

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Puppylove July

Ashley Taylor Smith, Montvale, teacher

Tucker, golden retriever, 5 months

How we met: “I like to joke that I didn’t choose Tucker— he chose me. After I found a breeder in Millburn with a litter of 13 golden retrievers, my family and I went there in person to pick out a puppy.Tucker was the first one to run up to me, lick my face and follow me around.”

Study up, Pup: “Tucker is very laid-back, friendly and well-trained. He is now preparing to pass a state test so he can visit children with cancer in hospitals.”

Foraged fare: “Sometimes I think acorns and dandelions are Tucker’s two main food groups in the summer! He also likes to sneak into my neighbors’ backyard and eat their bird food.”

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