The loaf of the Irish

Soda bread is, for most of us, a Saint-Patty's-Day-only treat- so you might as well have the best there is! Here's how our judges ranked the local offerings.

Score, from 1 (low) to 10 (high)

The Winner! Villa Dolce Bakery, Montvale $4

"Lots of raisins- very nice-looking"
"Light in color, brown on top, a ton of raisins!"
"Looks the most delicious"

"Very good"
"A bit on the sweeter side"
"Seems too sweet for soda bread- maybe too much vanilla?"
"A raisin bread more than a soda bread"

"Light and airy"
"Not dense enough"
"Very soft and fluffy"


Market Basket, Franklin Lakes $3.99

"No raisins!"

"Nice flavor-but no raisins!"
"A little like biscotti"
"A bit of an aftertaste"
"A nice yeasty flavor"
"Kind of salty"

"Moist to the touch … dry to the taste"
"Nice and dense" "Chewy but firm"


Miller's Bakery, Cliffside Park and Tenafly $3.99

"Looks good" "Nice and hearty"
"Thick with raisins"
"Cooked well-a little darker, with a hard crust"

"Sweet but not too sweet, with a touch of spice"
"A peppery aftertaste"
"Quite acceptable"

"Light And Moist"
"Nice Thick Brown Crust"
"Soft In The Middle" "A Little Springy"


The Porter House, Montvale $12.99

"Looks like a bundt cake without the hole"
"Stands apart because of its carrot color"

"Sweeter than the rest"
"Maple taste" "Almost no raisins" "OK" "Very different"
"Unlike any soda bread I've had before"

"Very grainy" "Dry" "Firm"
"Crumbly but dense"


Palermo's Pastry Shop, Ridgefield Park $3.50

"Like a beautiful loaf of Italian bread with raisins"
"A round loaf, well-cooked but not burnt- looks good!"
"Some powder"

"Moist and flavorful"
"They've added something- Bailey's?"
"Is there rum in there?"
"Has sort of a berry flavor to it"
"Sweet, buttery"

"Crumbly" "A tad dry" "A little too flaky"
"A little heavy on the powder"


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