Vegan "Jivamutki" Cookies

This recipe is courtesy of Omega Institute for Holistic Studies in Rhinebeck, N.Y.
1     ea     banana mashed
12     oz     unsweetened applesauce
1     cup     canola oil
4     fl oz     agave nectar sweetener or maple or molasses
    tsp     vanilla extract
    tsp     coconut extract
    cup     oat flour
0.333     tbl     baking soda
¼     tbl     baking powder
1     tbl     ground cinnamon
¼     tbl     ground nutmeg
1     cup     brown sugar (optional)
½     tsp     salt
½     cup     cashews toasted
½     cup     sunflower seeds toasted
½     cup     dried unsweetened coconut toasted
2     fl oz     flax seeds toasted
¼     cup     sesame seeds toasted
¾     cup     golden raisins
1     cup     dried cranberries and/or apricots
¾     cup     raisins
½     tsp    

orange zest



Combine the wet ingredients.

Mix the dry with the dry.

Mix the wet mixture with the dry mixture. (This makes a very wet dough.)

Scoop the dough onto your baking sheet, then bake it for about 20 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. The edges should start to brown, but the cookie itself should remain moist.


2 1/2 dozen

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