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Fighting the H1N1 Flu

Influenza—the flu—is a health concern every autumn, but it’s a special worry this season, as infectious-disease specialists prepare for the return of the much-discussed H1N1 (“swine flu”) virus first seen earlier this year.

Teaching the world

Doctors know they're doing well with a new technique when they’re asked to teach it to other doctors. And that’s the case on a very large scale with TomoTherapy, an advanced radiation system Monmouth Medical Center introduced to Monmouth and Ocean counties in April 2008.

Wake, paddle & troll

Not quite ready to cruise the Amazon? Save yourself the airfare and discover local natural wonders

Ultra-safe radiation

Monmouth Medical Center has a full-time radiation safety officer dedicated to making sure diagnostic procedures involving radiation are performed under conditions of optimal safety.

Gut doctors

Gastroenterologists and surgeons collaborate for better patient care.

Downturn blues

It’s no surprise that money and the state of the economy are two top sources of emotional stress for 80 percent of Americans, according to the American Psychological Association. Fortunately, help is available.

Mangia Verde

It was clear soon after we settled into our seats at Del Posto that we were in for a memorable experience.

Time for tempeh?

We understand your reluctance, really we do. Fermented soybeans? Formed into brick-like cakes? With a chunky, chewy texture? With all these strikes against it, why oh why should you give tempeh a chance?

Clothes minded

Earth friendly clothing in Monmouth is closer than you think.

Organic for less

Hungry for a reliable source of affordable organic produce, Janit London founded Purple Dragon Co-op in Glen Ridge more than 20 years ago, way ahead of the organic foods curve.

La vida locavore

The new oxford american dictionary defines locavore as a person who seeks out locally produced food.

3 glorious gardens

“Nothing is more the child of art than a garden," said Scottish writer Sir Walter Scott.

The power of polenta

Is polenta one of those foods you’ve heard about but don’t really know? Have no fear; it’s not mysterious. Polenta is cooked cornmeal—a longstanding comfort food of northern Italian origin that may even predate the invention of bread.

Like father, like son

We all want our kids to have something better than our own lot in life, and the late George H. Laufenberg, a union carpenter who headed the New Jersey State Council of Carpenters from 1982 until his death in 1995, was no exception.

Goodbye, back pain

Elizabeth Maldonado had tried all kinds of medical treatments for the chronic back pain that had plagued her since 2005. She saw pain-management specialists who injected her spine with medications and prescribed oral narcotics. After three years of this, she was no better. In fact, she was worse.

Beating ‘the widow maker’

It’s said that just before you die, your whole life flashes before your eyes. But for a local physician who recently suffered a major heart attack, the flashbacks that came before he underwent lifesaving treatment at Monmouth Medical Center dated back just 13 years—to the birth of his son.

Tough joints

Talk about irony. Aron M. Green, M.D., orthopedic surgeon, had just finished his fellowship. “My first month on the job, I badly sprained my ankle running on an unfamiliar trail.”

Kids’ doctors find the right place

Teenagers are famous for clamming up when an adult asks questions. But time and again the adolescents Keren Phillips, M.D., sees in the Monmouth Family Health Center prove they didn’t get the memo.

Bayou by the Sea

Any homage to New Orleans better be full of flair and flavor. Happily, that’s just what you get at Clementine’s Café.