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Channel your inner strongman with kettlebells- old-school weights that yield big-time results

Flatly flavorful

"The better part of a year"-that's how long Chris "The better part of a year"-that's how long Chris Saville says he and wife Kate spent in their kitchen before perfecting recipes for the tasty, healthier pizza alternatives they serve up at The Flatz Company in Wyckoff

For the eco-epicure

If you crave a heaping plate of chemicals, hormones and preservatives, pass right on by the Green Door Café in Tenafly (201-567-8226,

Before & after

With family in mind, local designers transform too-bland living spaces into chic, inviting havens

The wizard of us

The Wizard of Us; Lisa Oz, wife of TV's famous doctor, steps out of the shadows with a new book on relationships

Take the hint

Give yourself a good once-over-notice any quirks? Doctors say small imperfections could signal an underlying issue. But which oddities call for professional attention? Experts offer guidance on becoming your own diagnostic sleuth.

Yoga for youngsters

"Child's pose" takes on a whole new meaning at the Happy Elephant Yoga School (201-788-5031,, a Franklin Lakes-based studio that offers private and group yoga to kids and families alike.

5 facts labels don't tell you

Savvy shoppers know that checking food labels is a key to helping your family eat healthy. The bad news? "They're incomplete," says Bruce Silverglade, director of legal affairs for the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI). He helped Bergen Health & Life identify five important points food packages fail to reveal:

Cuban infusion

We're guessing eating at your mom's place is nothing like this: At the new Madre's Cuban Cuisine in Teaneck (201-530-5100,, expect dim lighting, sleek black furniture, crystal chandeliers-not to mention heaping plates of empanadas, paella, mofongo and other Cuban favorites.

The long road home

Haiti has always loomed large in the music of saddle river hip-hop star Wyclef Jean, but this year's earthquake put him at the epicenter of the relief effort-and some controversy

Have a ball in Cooperstown

Baseball may be the diamond in this quaint hamlet's crown, but the area offers a whole roster of family-friendly fun-even if you don't know an 'RBI' from a 'BYO'

Dad's pad

When Roy Weber first moved into his Ridgewood Colonial, the recently divorced father of two couldn't have told you what his design preferences were. "I'd never really thought much about decorating," admits Weber, 66, a lecturer at Rutgers Business School.

5 Food Myths, Busted

Think you're savvy about healthy eating? Well, some of what you "know" about food may be mere folklore. Bergen Health & Life consulted diet experts about a number of widespread beliefs, and these five turned out to be bogus.

Summer skin savers

You know all about UVA and UVB rays, but are you doing all you can to protect your skin from summer's dangers? Not if you're like most of us, say local dermatologists. When Bergen Health & Life asked them for tips for summer-proofing your skin, here's what they advised:

The ride of a lifetime

Maybe that Ferrari F430 or Lamborghini Gallardo is a bit out of reach as a permanent fixture in your garage-but thanks to Gotham Dream Cars (212-957-4400,, getting behind the wheel of a coveted car doesn't have to be a mere fantasy.

Bergen's Cover Girl 2010

We invited, they entered, and here they are: the Bergen beauties who won our Second Annual Cover Girl Contest

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